Zombie Makeup Tips and Tricks

Elyse Rivera, lead makeup artist for iot’s October 2015 production “Pandemic: Condemned,” shares some of her favorite tips and tricks for creating a quick and convincing zombie makeup.

Zombie Makeup Tips and Tricks
by Chris Blockus
October 20, 2015

To celebrate the opening weekend of “Pandemic: Condemned,” we sat down with lead makeup artist Elyse Rivera for some tips on how to make your zombie makeup stand out this Halloween. She also shared a few surprising insights about the use of makeup in modern society.

Elyse draws an interesting line between theatrical makeup, which she began working with seriously in high school, and cosmetic makeup, which she first toyed with in seventh or eighth grade. “I tried to put on girly makeup on, and I hated it. It was terrible. I had no idea what I was doing!”  There was a major difference, however, when she began putting stage makeup on others. “Being on stage was always a little too much for me,” she said, “I much preferred to be making costumes, which involves doing a ton of makeup.” The magic of stage makeup, according to Elyse, is that it gives “the ability to transform into someone completely different.” Here is where the line between theatrical and cosmetic makeup becomes striking, though: “I like horror, and fantasy, and all of these crazy prosthetics, but even in cosmetic makeup, you can walk into any store and they can show you how to contour your face into a different one. That’s really creepy to me!”

True to form, when asked about what character type is her favorite to create, Elyse replied that “Everyone at work knows me as the spooky chick, I wear all black, so I take a special guilty pleasure in things like fairies and glitter. When I put all this glitter on my face I love it. It’s evil!” Elyse is here this month to give you some quick tips on creating the least glittery of characters. Check out the video below!