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iotheatre productions basics: overview

Erasing the traditional boundary between performers and audience members, iot productions are lived adventures that are meant to be shared. At an iot performance, you don’t passively watch a show from a seat. Instead, you take on a leading role and become an attentive, accepting, and selfless participant in a larger story. Although there is no script, no passive audience, and no traditional stage, the basics of each performance are easy to understand, quick to learn, and probably already familiar.

  1. When you arrive, head to the box office, where you will receive any essentials you’ll need during the performance and your lodging accommodations if the performance spans more than one day.
  2. When “Action!” is called, the performance begins.
  3. The performance will be structured into scenes, which involve action among performers, and acts, which comprise more than one related scene.
  4. The stage upon which action will occur may take many forms, and there is always a backstage area for prep.
  5. The story will revolve around the development of leading characters (like you), who interact with one another and with supporting characters and extras (both designed by iot).
  6. Props are used to represent significant objects, and will always be tagged to invite your interaction.
  7. When there is confusion that needs to be resolved, you may call or hear someone call “Cut!”, which signals everyone in the vicinity to come to a localized pause to address clarity while the rest of the performance continues. When someone is injured or something dangerous is happening, you may call or hear someone call “Emergency!”, which signals everyone to immediately stop, listen, seek help from an iot staff member or fellow performer, and wait for further instruction.
  8. Curtain call signals the end of a performance and begins when the final act draws to a close.

If you’re gearing up to attend your first iot production and want to know more about what to expect, or if you’re a seasoned performer who is interested in further understanding the framework of the iot productions you’ve come to know and love, dig deeper into structure, set, characters, props, and intermissions.

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