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iotheatre productions basics: intermissions

While there are no breaks between acts at iot productions, occasionally a pause between scenes, called a "cut," is required to allow performers to clear up any questions that arose during the scene. To call one of these brief pauses at the end of a scene, clearly state “Cut!”. Once a cut has been called, it is ok for the people involved in the scene to quietly put aside their assumed personas and resolve any issues that arose during the scene. A cut is only meant to be a localized pause while the rest of the performance continues. Once all questions have been addressed, return to the position you were in when the cut was called. Then, quietly state “3, 2, 1, Action!” and the production resumes for all involved.

An "emergency" is a more serious and universal pause in the performance. If you become injured or see something dangerous, immediately call “Emergency!” and either seek help from a iot staff member (if you can) or ask a performer around you to get help for you. If you hear someone else call “Emergency!”, immediately stop what you’re doing and listen for further instruction.

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