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iotheatre productions basics: set

All productions, traditional and interactive alike, take place on a stage. In a traditional theatrical production, the stage is the area that the audience sees and that the actors perform upon. iot productions aren’t limited by this boundary because there is no passive audience - everyone performs. Instead of a small platform, the stage becomes an immersive atmosphere that surrounds and involves everyone. Changes in the set don’t involve moving things around in the same location, but actually changing locations. In some cases, the transformation of the stage can allow multiple scenes to take place at the same time.

Much of the work that goes on in a traditional theatrical production happens backstage. This area, obscured from the view of the audience, is where sets are kept, directors give last minute instructions, and actors change costumes. This is also the case at iot productions. The backstage area is simply tucked away in a discrete portion of the performance site.

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