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iotheatre productions basics: structure

When you arrive at the site of the performance, follow the signs to the box office where you can pick up everything you need to take part in the production. As a new member of the cast, you’ll receive your essentials, which include a few items necessary throughout the performance, and your lodging accommodations if the performance spans more than one day. Then, you’ll rejoin all of the other new cast members to take part in an interactive orientation. Once "Action!" is called, all performers assume the personas of their characters for the rest of the performance.

From that point, like a traditional play, interactive theatrical performances are broken into scenes and acts. A scene is a period of action that takes place between a group of performers. Scenes have no set length, and because of the scope of the stage, many scenes often take place concurrently. A scene ends when the action taking place and setting change appreciably. As might be expected, an act is comprised of a group of related scenes, but might be much longer than the familiar movements of a more traditional stage show.

Curtain call begins when the final act draws to a close. Report for curtain call with everything you received at the box office and everything you acquired over the course of the performance, and iot staff will walk you through the rest of the procedure. If you must leave prior to curtain, inform iot staff at the box office upon arrival so that we can assist you in making a comfortable and efficient exit.

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