Pandemic: Condemned
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iotheatre presents pandemic: condemned
iotheatre presents Pandemic: Condemned

The zombies of Pandemic: Condemned are returning to downtown Somerville, NJ this October. As convicts condemned to a gruesome death in a dystopian future, you and your friends will need to lace up your sneakers, overcome your fears, and figure out how to outlast escalating waves of zombie attacks to stand a chance at survival.

Along with a group of condemned citizens, you will be processed for the trial of your life at a secure Bureau of Balance facility in Sector 08876 . The Bureau is charged with maintaining the size of the population and has already assumed your guilt (so don't forget to report your family and friends for their disorderly behavior - no reason to go through this alone). Like the other convicts, you will have one final chance to prove your genes are fit to contribute to the diversity the Ministry of Reason maintains.

When you arrive, you’ll learn the best ways to evade your executioners: former citizens subjected to “Zed Protocol” and transformed into bloodthirsty zombies. From then on, it’ll be up to you to ensure your survival. If you can avoid the clutches of Zed long enough, you just might be exonerated and judged fit for reentry into society. If you fall victim, you will be transformed and incorporated into the Zed horde with an appetite for condemned citizens.

No matter what outcome you face, the world of Pandemic: Condemned is unlike any found on stage or screen - and will keep you on your toes until long after the final siren sounds.

Pandemic: Condemned:

- Requires advanced ticket reservation for October 22 and 29 show times
- Will take place at a secure Bureau facility: 92 E. Main St, Somerville, NJ
- Runs approximately 90 minutes
- Is not a race, but you should expect strenuous athletic challenges
- Takes place in a covered, open air setting and will run rain or shine
- Begins promptly so plan to arrive 5 minutes before your trial start time
- Does not have bathrooms accessible during trials so "go" before you arrive
- Does not have a place to store valuables during trials so leave them home
- Is open to participants who are 18+ on performance day

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