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iotheatre presents pandemic: condemned
iotheatre presents Pandemic: Condemned

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs). Fair warning, if you are not one for spoilers, then this page is probably not for you...

What’s going to happen at the show?

You’re going to face zombies for the trial of your life!

Really, though, what am I signing up to do?

Pandemic: Condemned is a dynamic theatrical experience that allows participants ages 18+ on show day to live an adventure and participate in the ultimate zombie showdown. Instead of watching a story unfold on stage, on screen, or even around you, you are signing up to for a 90-minute experience in a dystopian future world where you are a criminal whose only chance at redemption is to figure out how to outlast waves of bloodthirsty zombies. To ensure justice is served, The Bureau of Balance, a government department focused on population control, has rounded up you and other convicts, assumed your guilt, and condemned you all to a gruesome death by zombie (“Zed”). You should be ready to lace up your sneakers, scheme with your friends, and most of all run for your lives. If you are able to outlast and outsmart Zed, you stand a chance of being freed from blame and released back into society.

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Still sounds cool...break it down for me...

As soon as you arrive on site, you will be experiencing the dystopian future world of Pandemic. You will see Bureau of Balance banners leading you towards your trial check in at the secure facility. There will be a bathroom available on your way into the facility in case you need it, but you will not be able to access it after you have been processed so “go” before you check in - and leave all valuables at home. Take a few last looks around at freedom, and then proceed to check in. Bureau of Balance field officers will process you for your trial so be sure you and your friends have your confirmation email(s) and photo ID(s) ready when you arrive. Once checked in, if you haven’t already, you will become aware that the ambiance is a bit unsettling. The music, lighting, and odd lack of conversation are all good indications that you are not here for a party. Guards will stand watch as you zip a Bureau-provided prison jumpsuit over your street clothes. Your headshot will be taken, and you will be given some initial instructions. Follow them; you are a convict, after all. You then will be taken by guards to the training floor and introduced to your trainer, who will teach you the best ways to evade your executioners: former citizens like you who were subjected to “Zed Protocol” and transformed into the bloodthirsty zombies you will face in “the courtroom”. When you are given the opportunity to stretch, we encourage you to take it because facing zombies is a strenuous, heart-pounding experience. From the training floor, you will be escorted to “the courtroom”. There, you will be given final instructions before the trial of your life. The siren will signal the imminent arrival of Zed so do your best to use what you were taught to ensure your survival against the waves of zombies you will face. The sound of the siren will signal the end of each stage. In between stages, you will return to the training floor for water breaks, further advice from your trainer, and time to plan your next approach. If you can avoid the clutches of Zed long enough, you just might be exonerated and judged fit for reentry into society. If you fall victim along the way, the show will continue for you backstage, where you will be transformed into a zombie and become part of the Zed horde with an appetite for condemned citizens. No matter what outcome you face, the world of Pandemic: Condemned will keep you on your toes long after the final siren sounds.

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If I've come to this show before, is it worth coming again?

Absolutely! Each year, you will find some of the same common elements that you know, love, and have come to expect from Pandemic: Condemned. However, we always make some big changes and lots of little changes from year to year to keep the experience fresh, the fear real, and the ending a mystery. Because the group of condemned convicts changes with each show, you can also expect the dynamics of each show within a season to be unique.

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How physically intensive is this going to be?

Trying to survive zombies is not for the faint of heart. You don’t have to be a marathon runner or gym rat to survive, but you will be running, sprinting, climbing stairs, and at some point, likely forgetting all plans you made and just plain panicking. The length of each stage varies from approximately 5-15 minutes so we do advise you skip Fettuccine Alfredo as your last meal :-)

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What should I wear?

Although not a race, Pandemic: Condemned includes strenuous physical activity so we strongly encourage you to arrive ready to run around and face athletic challenges. Keep in mind that the show takes place rain or shine in a covered, open-air setting so if it’s cold, you may want to wear layers and bring gloves. The Bureau will provide you with your prison jumpsuit when you are processed so you won’t have to worry about getting bloody. The blood used during the show looks real but is water-based and will easily wash off your skin (and clothing in the event it accidentally makes contact), but you still might not want to wear your favorite outfit just to be safe.

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To enjoy this, do I need to do anything in advance?

Nope. Full enjoyment requires absolutely no preparation. We understand, however, that some people like to explore a world. If you are one of those people, you can browse the Ministry of Reason website and in-world social media channels to get an even creepier feel for the world you are entering. However, many people will simply arrive at the show having read little to nothing in advance, and they will still have an exhilarating time trying to survive zombies.

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Do I need previous acting experience?

Heck no. Feel free to be yourself - and react to the situations you are in and challenges you are asked to complete just as you normally would. If, however, you enjoy playing a character, this is a great opportunity to bring one to life.

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Is the location fully accessible?

Unfortunately, this production is not fully accessible.

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