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Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Superlatives: The Recruits. Fair warning, if you are not one for spoilers, then this page is probably not for you...

What’s going to happen at the show?

You’re going to have a super time!

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Really, though, what am I signing up to do?

Superlatives: The Recruits is a dynamic theatrical experience that allows super fans ages 18+ on show day to live an adventure and participate in a simulated superhero recruitment drive. Instead of watching a story unfold on stage, on screen, or even around you, you are signing up for a 90-minute experience in a world where you are a superhero who has been recruited as one of the best in the galaxy. The Superlatives have rounded up the best of the best because they are looking for one person to join their ranks. To decide who should join the team, The Superlatives are going to put you and the other show participants through a series of missions to test your collaboration, concentration, poise, and problem-solving skills to see if you have what it takes to be on their Super-Team.

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Still sounds cool...break it down for me...

As soon as you arrive on site, you will be experiencing the Superlatives' world. Superlatives Super-Team members will greet you inside the Center for Contemporary Art like the superhero you are. There, they will check you in so be sure you and any guests have your confirmation email(s) and photo ID(s) with you. Once checked in, you will have a few minutes to relax in the waiting area. Feel free to use this time to wait quietly, if you like, or chat up your fellow “applicants” and, of course, interact with the Super-Team members if the mood strikes you. They are world-famous, after all, and fully expect some participants will be excited to meet them, eager for selfies, and inquisitive about their super lives. The leader of the Superlatives will soon arrive to welcome you and give you some instructions, and then you will be divided into groups to undergo a series of missions. Together with other “applicants”, you will enter the elevator and be taken to the location of your first of three challenges. Each group will complete the same series of mini-tests. Since the Superlatives already know about your superpowers, they will not be asking you to demonstrate those powers. Instead, they will be interviewing you to see if you have what it takes to collaborate with other heroes and be part of a Super-Team. You might not always understand why you are doing something, might not be sure if your answer to a question is “correct”, and might not have any clue what’s going to happen next, but the mystery is part of the fun. Once all groups have completed all three challenges, the Superlatives will debrief with you, let you know how you did, and let you get back to your regularly scheduled lives.

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You keep saying I’m going to be a superhero. Do I need a costume?

Totally up to you. The Superlatives Super-Team will have some gear ready for those heros who prefer to show up in their street clothes or whose regular super costume is at the cleaners. However, some participants will arrive dressed in varying degrees costuming, and that is great, too. If you love bringing a character to life through costume, this is a great chance to do so - and we welcome your creativity and arrival costumed as the superhero you are. However you decide to arrive, you will not be missing out on any fun.

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To enjoy this, do I need to do anything in advance?

Nope. Full enjoyment requires absolutely no preparation. We understand, however, that some people like to explore a world so If you are one of those people, you can browse The Superlatives’ website. Many people will simply arrive at the show having read little to nothing about the Super-Team, and they will also have a super time.

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Do I need previous acting experience?

Heck no. Feel free to be yourself - and react to the situations you are in and challenges you are asked to complete just as you normally would. If, however, you enjoy playing a character, this is a great opportunity to bring one to life.

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Is this show going to be physically intensive?

No, The Superlatives have confidence in your superpowers so the challenges you will complete will be more about collaborating with other show participants to solve tough problems. Expect more laughs than droplets of sweat.

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Is the location fully accessible?

Yes! The Center provides barrier-free access for visitors using wheelchairs or walkers. Two accessible parking spaces are located to the left side of The Center’s main entrance. A valid access parking permit is required. A ramp leads from the parking area to the front door. The entrance is wheelchair accessible and equipped with a power assist door. All public areas of The Center are wheelchair accessible by elevator. Wheelchair-accessible restrooms are located on the first and second floors. Learn more...

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